Exams - Fall 2021

Requesting an in-person exam for your remote course.


Final exams for the Fall 2021 term will proceed with:

  • all students writing the final exam in a single mode (in-person or on-line) to ensure equitable testing and reliable results [1].
  • a remote class holding its 3-hour (or less) scheduled exam remotely.

These expectations have been established to provide some level of certainty and stability for students in their learning and ensure we enable equity in access to all aspects of academic programming. However, there have been challenges faced in remote 3-hour scheduled exams in some departments and colleges.

As such, a process to request an in-person exam for remote courses has been devised to balance access with some opportunity for flexibility in exam delivery. Approval will be granted by college leadership where the shift is deemed important to maintain assessment integrity and there is confidence that students will not be disadvantaged.  Requests must be submitted to the exams office by October 1, 2021.

[1] Please note, this does not include circumstances where accommodations for students registered with AES have been made.



  1. A faculty member/instructor will first need to verify that all students are in or within close proximity to the campus where the in-person exam would be held - Saskatoon, Prince Albert or Regina. This will be done through a quiz via Canvas where students should be informed of the context and asked to respond to the question. 

“I am exploring the option of holding the final exam for this course in-person at the [Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert] campus. I would like to determine if all students in the course are reasonably able to travel to the [Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert] campus for the final exam. As part of this process, I am asking you to respond to the following question: 

Is your location of study within a 30-minute drive of the [Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina] campus?"

  1. 100% of students in the class need to respond ‘yes’ to the question for a faculty member/instructor to proceed with the request.
  1. If a 100% ‘yes’ is achieved, the faculty member/instructor will email their AADean to formally request an in-person exam for their course, appending the survey results to the request.
  1. If approved [2], the AADean or the faculty member/instructor will email exams@usask.ca to request the scheduling of an in-person exam. If the request is submitted by the faculty member/instructor the AADean approval should be appended to the request. The deadline for receipt of this request is October 1, 2021.
  1. The exams office will proceed with designating a space on the appropriate campus for the exam and will update the exam schedule accordingly. In most circumstances, the in-person exam will be scheduled at the same time and date designated for the remote exam. The faculty member/instructor will need to ensure all students are informed of the change.


[2] This authority to approve a syllabus change is afforded in the Academic Courses policy clause 1.2.