Course Description

GPS 960.0: Introduction to Ethics and Integrity is a required non-credit course for all first-year graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. The purpose of this course is to discuss ethical issues that graduate students may face during their time at the University. All students will complete modules on academic integrity, intellectual property, professional relationships, and research integrity as well as a final assessment.

In addition to this course all first-year graduate students are required to take one of the following courses based on their research specialty:  GPS 961: Ethics and Integrity in Human Research or GPS 962: Ethics and Integrity in Animal Research.  Please note that The Gwenna Moss Centre does not coordinate sections of GPS 961 or 962.


You can register for GPS 960 using the Registration channel on PAWS.  Select the option to add/drop classes and select the term for which you would like to register.  Enter the course reference number (CRN) for GPS 960 and submit your changes.  Check to ensure you have added the course successfully and that you have not received any error messages. 


When should I take this course?  Do I need to register in this course every term or just for one term? 

All graduate students must complete this course – it is intended to be completed within the first term of graduate study. There are no prerequisites to take the course. Note: Students with credit for GSR 960 will not receive credit for GPS 960.

Once graduate students have successfully completed the requirements of GPS 960, they do not need to register for the course again, unless they received a failing grade.


How do I access this course?

GPS 960 is a self-directed online course.  You can access the course at  Once you are logged in to BBLearn, choose GPS 960 from your U of S Course List.  Course content is typically available beginning the first day of classes for the academic term you are registered in.


How long does it typically take to complete this course?

There are 4 modules to complete (each with an online quiz) as well as a final assessment which includes an open-ended question.  Most students report that it takes somewhere between 4- 6 hours to complete this course, although this will depend to some extent on how fast you read, and how many attempts you make on the quizzes and final assessment.


Who should I contact if I have general questions about this course?

It is best to contact our general email at so our team can quickly direct your inquiry to the most appropriate person or unit.


Who should I contact if there is an error when I register for this course?

If you receive an error upon registering, please check that:

  • You have no Hold(s) which prevent registration
  • Your Academic Standing permits registration
  • Your Student Status permits registration

If you find that something is preventing registration, you’ll need to contact Student Central or visit


Can I register for this course late, for example after the add-drop deadline?

Yes, we do accommodate late registration, as long as it is reasonable and not too late in the academic term.  There is a $35 late fee to register after the add-drop deadline.  Students will need to fill out a Class Permit/Override and/or Late Enrolment in a Class form (  Bring the form to The Gwenna Moss Centre (Room 50 Murray Building) to have it signed by the course instructor and department head.  After the form has been signed at The Gwenna Moss Centre, students will have to take the form to be processed at Student Central (105 Administration Place.