Feedforward: Using Student Feedback to Inform your Teaching


This short course is designed to support instructors in interpreting their summative teaching evaluations, provide an opportunity to reflect on student feedback, discuss their teaching practice in a supportive environment with peers, and develop and monitor the effectiveness of an action plan to revise their course and develop their teaching practice in response to student feedback.  

Instructors at any stage in their career are welcome to participate, including staff, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars who are currently teaching classes and have the opportunity to collect student feedback of their teaching. 

Charter Connections

This course addresses these Educator Commitments from Our Learning Charter:

  • EL 1.2 Engage with students and peers in a respectful manner  
  • EL 1.4 Encourage and foster open and healthy dialogue  
  • EC 4.1 Provide students with the opportunity to give candid feedback on their learning experience  
  • EC 4.2 Seek feedback from peers and other sources to allow for evidence on all aspects of teaching practice to be reflected upon for the purposes of continuous improvement  
  • EC 4.4 Engage in meaningful conversations about their practices with others 

Teaching Certification Connections

Essential Teaching Competency 4: Value improving and growing teaching practice

Outcomes and Indicators:

  • Reflect on current teaching practices to adjust and improve
    • Accurately self- assess effectiveness of current practice
    • Collects evidence of teaching efficacy
  • Reflect on degree to which the Learning Charter (student and educator outcomes) is reflected in one’s classroom
    • Recognize elements of the learning charter in personal teaching practice
    • Identify areas of the charter for further exploration
  • Make appropriate changes based on feedback
    • Select areas for improvement based on evidence
    • Choose appropriate responses
    • Monitor effectiveness of change 


Short course outline

  • Session 1: Review and Plan
    • Intro to cohort, how to give and receive feedback, review and discuss past summative student feedback of teaching (focus on general experience, strengths in feedback of teaching, solutions to challenges), and develop plan for collecting formative feedback about teaching that will be implemented over term 1
  • Session 2: Analyse and Respond
    • Analyse and discuss formative feedback from students (SLEQ and/or feedback collected in accord with plan), analyse and discuss expected/surprising effects of any changes made, plan response to effects and feedback for last half of year, update formative feedback plan
  • Session 3: Review and Renew
    • Review and discuss summative student feedback, plan and discuss changes to course and develop a plan to develop teaching practice that is focussed on strengths and leverages community connections (what GMCTL services might help, what peer supports might be accessed, etc.).


Our next course will be offered during Winter term 2021.

  • Duration: 3 sessions
  • Dates: February 1, March 22 and May 3
  • Time: 10 - 11:30am  

Participants need to attend all three sessions to complete the course requirements.

Please visit our calendar to register.