Reflective Teaching Portfolio Short Course


The aim of this short course is to bring together a community of teachers (including graduate students, faculty, sessional lecturers, and staff) who are interested in developing and discussing a reflective teaching practice.

During the course, teachers will reflect on the ways in which their beliefs, values, and goals affect their teaching style and choices. They will have opportunities to engage in reflection, discuss their teaching goals, methods, and philosophy with their peers, observe one another’s teaching, write a teaching philosophy statement, and develop a reflective teaching portfolio, intended to foster reflection on teaching experiences to improve students' learning.

For tenure track faculty, reflecting on one’s teaching practice provides a solid foundation on which to build a case file, similarly for sessionals, graduate students, staff, and advisors, reflecting on your teaching or advising practice will help rejuvenate your practice and prepare you well when applying for academic, staff, or teaching positions.

Charter Connections

This course addresses these Educator Commitments from Our Learning Charter:

  • EL 1.2 Engage with students and peers in a respectful manner
  • EL 1.4 Encourage and foster open and healthy dialogue
  • EC 4.2 Seek feedback from peers and other sources to allow for evidence on all aspects of teaching practice to be reflected upon for the purposes of continuous improvement
  • EC 4.5 Engage in meaningful conversations about their practices with others

Teaching Certification Connections

Essential Teaching Competency 4: Value improving and growing teaching practice

Outcomes and Indicators:

  • Reflect on current teaching practices to adjust and improve
    • Accurately self- assess effectiveness of current practice
    • Collects evidence of teaching efficacy
  • Reflect on degree to which the Learning Charter (student and educator outcomes) is reflected in one’s classroom
    • Recognize elements of the learning charter in personal teaching practice
    • Identify areas of the charter for further exploration
  • Begin to clarify and refine a teaching philosophy
    • Articulate personal beliefs and assumptions about “good teaching”
    • Set aspirational goals for teaching approach
    • Compare goals and beliefs to personal actions in current practice

Short course outline

  • Session 1: Reflecting on and Documenting your Teaching Practice
  • Session 2: Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
  • Session 3: Aligning your Teaching Practice to your Evidence of Teaching  
  • Session 4: Reflecting on and responding to Feedback


Our next course will be offered during Winter term 2021.

  • Duration: 4 sessions
  • Dates: Jan 15 and 29, Feb 26, and Mar 12.
  • Time: 10 am - noon 

Participants must commit to attending to all four sessions and meet all course outcomes to recieve the certificate. By registering for January 15th you will automatically be enrolled for the full course.

Please visit our calendar to register.