Introduction to Teaching Online


Duration: 5 week course
Delivery: Entirely online

This 5 week, online course provides instructors with ideas, tools and practical experience for teaching online. Introduction to Teaching Online is offered entirely online through Blackboard. As a participant you will experience what it is like to learn online which will help you become familiar with the environment your students will encounter in their online learning.

Learning Charter Connections

This course addresses these Educator Commitments from Our Learning Charter:

  • ET 2.1 - Be aware of the range of instructional methods and assessment strategies
  • ET 2.2 - Select and utilize teaching methods that are effective in helping students achieve the learning outcomes of a course or learning activity
  • AF 3.2 - Ensure that assessments of learning are transparent, applied consistently and are congruent with learning outcomes
  • EC 4.2 - Seek feedback from peers and other sources to allow for evidence on all aspects of teaching practice to be reflected upon for the purposes of continuous improvement
  • EC 4.3 - Learn about advances in effective pedagogy/andragogy
  • EC 4.4 - Engage in meaningful conversations about their practices with others

Short Course Outline

Topics covered will include:

  • An overview of online learning including benefits and challenges for instructors and students
  • The importance of community in online environments
  • Best practices in facilitating online discussions
  • Articulating course expectations through the use of the syllabus and rubrics
  • Handling communication with students in a virtual classroom
  • Basic information on the technical side of teaching using Blackboard

Participants will be required to:

  • Actively participate by posting to the discussion boards on the assigned topics on a weekly basis
  • Complete readings and watch included videos to enable them to make thoughtful posts and provide constructive feedback on the discussion boards
  • Participate in one scheduled class meeting using the online communication tool WebEx


We will be using an open text book for this class, which you may view free of charge by following this link:


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