Introduction to Teaching Online


This non-credit course is designed to provide you with a foundation for teaching online. Introduction to Teaching Online (ITO) is a 5-week mostly asynchronous course, with three synchronous sessions built in:

  • First session: Virtual meet and greet
  • Second Session: Connecting with each other to offer help, support, and feedback
  • Third Session: Sharing your reflections 

Short course outcomes 

At the end of this course, you will have a plan for your online course that includes clearly defined learning outcomes and module learning objectives that are aligned with active learning experiences and assessment strategies that demonstrate student learning. 

  1. Considering the online context, create and organize learning outcomes.
  2. Select and use effective online formative and summative assessment strategies to determine student success in achieving the expected learning outcomes. 
  3. Select and use effective online instructional approaches and align with outcomes. 
  4. Reflect on your experiences as an online learner and show how it will influence your online teaching.


This course addresses these Educator Commitments from Our Learning Charter:

  • ET 2.2 - Select and utilize methods that are effective in helping students achieve the learning outcomes of a course.
  • AF 3.1 - Provide a clear indication of what is expected of students in a course or learning activity, and what students can do to be successful in achieving the expected learning outcomes
  • EC 4.4 - Engage in meaningful conversations about their practices with others.


Certificate in University Teaching and Learning Connections:

Essential Teaching Competency 1:  Anticipate and respond to diversity in world view, position, and power

  • Model open, honest descriptions of the sources of information, including appropriate credit for Indigenous content
  • Use strategies to encourage and foster open and healthy dialogue

Essential Teaching Competency 2: Designs courses appropriately and teaches them effectively

  • Design courses with curricular alignment
    • Select instructional strategies aligned to a self-generated outcome

Essential Teaching Competency 3: Assesses appropriately given the course outcomes

  • Alignment
    • Select assessment strategies (formative and summative) aligned to a self-generated outcome
  • Provide students with prompt and constructive feedback on their learning
    • Demonstrate providing prompt, constructive feedback to others

Essential Teaching Competency 4: Value improving and growing teaching practice

  • Begin to clarify and refine a teaching philosophy
    • Articulate personal beliefs and assumptions about “good teaching”


Our next course will begin in Winter term 2022.

  • Duration: 5-week online course, Jan 24-Feb 25, 2022
  • Synchronous sessions:
    • Jan 24 (11am-noon) – Virtual meet and greet
    • Feb 9 (3-4pm) – Connect with each other to offer help, support, and feedback
    • Feb 25 (11am-noon) – Sharing your reflections

Please visit our calendar to register. 


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