About the Conference

This conference features two exceptional keynote sessions structured as workshops on developing and conducting studies in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Scholars from the University of Saskatchewan and other Saskatchewan institutions are invited to participate. The morning session is focused on the process of developing studies. The afternoon session is focused on the publication process in SoTL journals, which may be an unfamiliar process for discipline-based scholars. In addition to the keynotes, there will also be a series of short research presentations from U of S SoTL scholars.  See more about U of S SoTL clusters below.

This conference is jointly supported by Edwards School of Business, College of Education, and Gwenna Moss Center for Teaching and Learning.  No registration fee and lunch is provided.


Kathy Lund Dean

kathy-lund-dean.jpgKathy Lund Dean holds the Board of Trustees Distinguished Chair of Leadership and Ethics, and is Professor of Management at Gustavus Adolphus College. She also holds a joint appointment as Adjunct Professor at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Kathy is founding Co-Editor in Chief of the Management Teaching Review and Co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Management Education, and she was previously guest editor at the journal for a special issue on the challenges of teaching ethics. As part of her editorial role Kathy sits on the Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society's Board of Directors and has held governance positions in the Academy of Management, including co-founding the Management, Spirituality & Religion group and serving on the Ethics Education Committee. Her major research streams include ethical decision-making and behavior, academic career evolution, and experiential learning scholarship. A 2018 study ranked Kathy18th worldwide in business education scholarship productivity and quality.

She is coauthor of the recently published book The Ethical Professor: A Practical Guide to Research, Teaching, and Professional Life (2018), which is the culmination of her research and writing on the ethical pitfalls that pervade the academic profession. Her book offers systematic guidelines for learning about potential ethical issues, discussing them in the academic community, and creating solutions to preserve ethical integrity as academic professionals.

Nicola Simmons

nicola-simmons.jpgDr. Nicola Simmons is a faculty member in Educational Studies at Brock University. She has held national and international leadership roles in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and was Founding Chair of SoTL Canada as well as past chair of the Educational Developers Caucus. Her work focuses on higher and adult teaching and learning, including the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). She has given hundreds of workshops in teaching and learning over the past 35 years. In 2017, she was named a 3M National Teaching Fellow and Brock’s inaugural Open Access Award winner, and in 2016 received an inaugural Educational Developers’ Caucus Distinguished Educational Development Career Award. Currently, she holds a Brock Chancellor’s Chair for Teaching Excellence.

Schedule & Session Descriptions

Starting with Teaching: SoTL Fundamentals
Dr. Nicola Simmons

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) investigates teaching and learning issues to find context-relevant and evidence-informed solutions. Not only can SoTL be done in any discipline, it spans disciplines: answers to your teaching and learning issues might be found in SoTL work from other areas. At the same time, SoTL is not just about answers; rather than a set of outcomes, it is a process of inquiry, testing "what ifs," gathering information, engaging in critical analysis, and sharing ideas.

This workshop is about getting started in SoTL: What is SoTL and how does one begin a SoTL project? We will work together on how to start a SoTL project and different approaches to SoTL work; possible forms of evidence and approaches to analysis as well as considerations for ethics and funding; and where can one find more resources. This session will set the ground for the afternoon workshop on making SoTL work public.

Ultimately, we will consider how SoTL can improve our teaching and our students' learning and connect to others who share these interests. Please come prepared to talk about and work on your idea for inquiry into your teaching and learning.

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Moving a Project Towards Publication
Dr. Kathy Lund Dean

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) domain has advanced dramatically over the last decade, with many institutions' focus on educational impact resulting in greater emphasis on pedagogical research. This workshop provides a lively interactive space for developing SOTL work. Participants will engage with important publishing process steps that can help transition teaching experiences and practices to published scholarship. A prospective project can be at any stage, including just an idea! With time for small group discussion, collaboration and individual development of SOTL projects, participants should come away with workable next steps for moving a project toward publication.


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