Course Innovation Community

Our collective commitment:

To redesign large, foundational
courses so they are more
active and highly effective.


What makes Course Innovation Community such an exciting opportunity for me when I teach large classes?

  • Supported Community: I'll have access to all types of supports, including expertise, dedicated peers, and $5000 in funding, so I'll have the best chance of having the resources to make changes I have been interested in making
  • Course Design: I will be thinking about and experimenting with all the elements of course design, taking the practical steps I choose to make my course even more effective
  • Interdisciplinary: I will be working with about 10 faculty who are also teaching large courses at U of S, and we'll exchange what works and ideas for next steps
  • Large Class: We'll be specifically focused on improving interaction and strong instruction in large classes, where it often presents the greatest challenge
  • Learning Improvements: I'll develop and learn about strategies that will help my large class teaching be manageable for me and great for students
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: I'll get to learn more about curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices supported by the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and I can choose to help contribute to research in this area if that interests me


The competitive application process closes on Nov. 15th.

To apply, you will need:

  • Completed application form (available below)
  • Syllabus (or equivalent for new course)
  • Letter of support from your Department Head

Please submit all three required documents by email to Details on completion requirements, deliverables, and next steps can be found in the application form and selection criteria available below.


Required sessions for the 2019 offering of CIC will take place on the following days:

April: 16th & 30th (9am-12pm)

May: 14th & 28th (9am-12pm)

June: 11th & 25th (9am-12pm)

July: 16th (9am-12pm)

August: 20th (9am-12pm)

October: 8th (over breakfast)

November: 5th (over breakfast)

December: 3rd (over breakfast)

January: (TBD based on availability of participants)