Course Design Institute


The Course Design Institute (CDI) is a short course where participants will design or revise a course they plan on teaching within the next two terms (Fall 2022 or Winter 2023), including writing learning outcomes, choosing appropriate teaching strategies, and creating assessments that will reflect student learning. The CDI will consist of hree face-to-face sessions as well as online materials and activities. The sessions are held over three weeks. This course can be used towards Teaching Certification with GMCTL for faculty members.

 The Course Design Institute is open to USask instructors, not graduate students.

Learning Outcomes:  

  1. Write plain language learning outcomes to articulate the knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and skills that learners should have by the end of your course (and potentially related labs) 
  2. Select and develop effective and manageable summative assessments that are aligned with the learning outcomes 
  3. Select engaging and manageable instructional strategies, including formative feedback, that are aligned with the learning outcomes and assessments 
  4. Select, revise, and/or create learning materials appropriate for use within your course 
  5. Provide accurate, timely, and constructive feedback to other cohort participants, including feedback based on other participants’ courses.   

Certificate in University Teaching and Learning Indicators (with level): 

  • 1.3.2  -I purposefully select and use strategies to communicate inclusively and responsively with my students (2) 
  • 2.1.1  -I articulate the type and difficulty of learning, given the students in my context (3) 
  • 2.1.2  -I create outcomes that are active, and have all three parts (active verb, content, context) (3) 
  • 2.1.3  -I select active & engaging instructional strategies aligned to an outcome and intended assessment (3) 
  • 2.2.1  -I chunk, sequence, and scaffold essential content & skills (3) 
  • 2.3.1  -I use formative assessment to inform and adapt course/lesson design (2) 
  • 3.1.1  -I select assessment strategies, both formative and summative, aligned to an outcome (3) 
  • 3.1.2  -I design formative and summative tools (rubrics, checklists, rating scales, etc.) that make learning outcomes and success criteria manageable and explicit (2) 
  • 3.2.2  -I generate assessment tasks that are inclusive and transparent measures of student learning, so students have equitable opportunities to demonstrate their learning (3) 
  • 4.1.2  -I set measurable goals for developing teaching practice guided by evidence (2)  


 If you are interested in this course, please email the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning. 

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