Challenging Conversations


Duration: TBD

This short course is designed to provide instructors with the opportunity to learn how to facilitate challenging conversations in classes, and with individual students, and how to create a supportive space for doing both. Participants will see examples of and engage in challenging conversations to practice the skills learned through this course. Participants will also be invited to reflect on how they will apply the skills to their courses, classrooms, and student relationships.

Charter Connections

This course addresses these Educator Commitments from Our Learning Charter:

  • ET 2.3 Co-create with students a shared space for learning in which all participants feel respected, valued and empowered to contribute as they achieve their goals and share the gifts of their identities in relationship with one another
  • EL 1.2 Engage with students and peers in a respectful manner
  • EL 1.3 Explicitly recognize their own position and work to understand, acknowledge, and value perspectives and worldviews different from their own
  • EL 1.4 Encourage and foster open and healthy dialogue


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