Under the University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995, University Council is responsible for overseeing and directing the university's academic affairs. This includes prescribing curricula, programs of instruction, and courses of study offered by the colleges and schools.

University Council has developed several mechanisms for the approval of new and revised courses and programs, student admission requirements, course and program deletions, prerequisites, and other types of curricular changes.  While retaining approval authority for significant curricular changes, University Council has delegated authority for a number of curricular changes to college deans, the provost, University Course Challenge and the Academic Programs Committee (APC).

Highlighted below are procedures for some commonly-proposed curricular changes. For a comprehensive list of curricular changes and the necessary approval procedures, please reivew the Academic and Curricular Changes Authority Chart and contact Amanda Storey in the Office of the University Secretary. 

Creating a New Program

New Degree and Degree-Level Program
including brand new degrees; new fields of study; and new degree-level certificates and diplomas

New Non-Degree Level Programming
including non-degree certificates and courses

Course Development

New Courses and Course Changes
including new courses; course deletions; changes to prerequisites and corequisites; course title changes; course fee changes

Program Development

Major and Minor Program Revisions
including minor editorial changes; changes to required and elective courses in existing programs; program terminations; and tuition changes

Name Changes

Program Name Changes
including changes to existing degree and non-degree programs; fields of study; concentrations; and options
Unit Name Changes
including changes to college, school, and department names


Please review the important dates and deadlines in the Year at a Glance Memo and the following academic policies:

Academic Courses Policy on Course Delivery, Examinations, and Assessment of Learning
Academic and Curricular Nomenclature
Academic and Curricular Changes Authority Chart

For assistance with submitting curricular changes and Course and Program Catalogue publication, email Seanine Warrington; for questions related to academic governance processes and committees of University Council, email Amanda Storey; and for information on tuition and fees, visit the Institutional Planning & Assessment Office website.