Indigenous Learning Activities Fund

The purpose of this special fund is to support student learning activities that involve Elders, knowledge keepers, and/or Indigenous community leaders. It is not intended to cover the instructional cost of an entire course.

This is not a source of permanent funding for any particular Indigenous learning activity, but successful projects may re-apply to the fund in subsequent years to seek continued support for 3 years in total. Projects are expected to develop plans for long-term sustainability. With an interest to promote and celebrate successful initiatives, we will request a brief report following the completion of the project and associated pilot activity.


Criteria for the fund are:

  • The learning activity must occur in a University of Saskatchewan for-credit course for undergraduate and/or graduate students.

  • The instructor(s) and students must be well-positioned and well-prepared to participate in a respectful relationship* with the presenter(s).

  • The student learning activity must be in support of specific curricular objectives in courses and/or programs as it also serves to support Indigenization as a broad priority of the University. 

  • The learning activities may be about Indigenous teachings, cultures, histories, worldviews, and past and contemporary issues experienced by Indigenous peoples. 

  • Applicants must work with a GMCTL team member.

  • Initiatives that include an off campus experience as part of the student learning should consider an additional submission to the Experiential Learning Fund to request support for expense related to travel and other arrangements.

Please contact the Gwenna Moss Centre for more infomration on this application.

Respectful Relationships

A respectful relationship is the primary objective of reconciliation and a cornerstone of indigenization.  In simple terms, respectful relationships are based on a mutual, authentic, and respectful exchange of ideas between people.  Special care is needed to ensure that Indigenous people are respected as valued contributors or colleagues despite their vulnerability to colonial biases to the contrary.  Please take the time to understand the depth and breadth of the request that is made to an Elder, knowledge keeper, or Indigenous community leader and be prepared to honour the protocols, expectations, and needs of the presenter without bias.


Suggested application timeline: 6-8 weeks ahead of the course offering.

Please download and complete the proposal form below, then email the completed form to