What is the Curriculum Alignment Tool?

The Curriculum Alignment Tool (CAT) is available for departments working with the GMC on curriculum renewal. The CAT is one approach for collecting data about the contributions of your program's individual courses to overall program outcomes. The contributions of individual courses can be instructional methods/strategies, learning contexts/experiences, or assessments, any of which can be inventoried in the CAT. Sample data visualizations are shown below. For more information, please contact CAT_gmcte@usask.ca.

Program Outcomes by Course
CAT Example 3

Program Outcomes by Coverage Pie Chart
CAT Example 1

Progression of a Given Program Outcome (Dot Plot)
CAT Example 2

Previous CAT

For information on the previous iteration of the CAT, please see our archived page below.

Getting Help

Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning

The GMC offers consultation on Program Development and Renewal, as well as assistance with the CAT tool.