Student Experience of Teaching and Learning Questionnaire

Student Experience of Teaching and Learning Questionnaire

A Brief History of the Decision-Making Process

Process for SETLQ

Nancy Turner, Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement on SELTQ process

The following process has been undertaken, with oversight by the Teaching and Learning Academic Resources Committee (TLARC) of University Council:

Process By TLARC Working Group
Summary Documents
  • Initial looking at policy led to discussion of how to measure, and what is meant by Teaching Quality.
  • Review institutional plans, policies, documents, learning charter
  • Identified changes needed in student evaluations
  • Initial development of Teaching Quality Framework

Teaching Quality Framework
Phase I

Teaching quality framework overview (can request)

  • Review of best practices in student evaluation of teaching
  • Development of principles
  • Review of existing tools
  • Invited presentation on campus by eXplorance for their system Blue for faculty, staff and students in May 2017

Literature Review on SET

Principles for
TLARC Working Group

Process for
TLARC Working Group

Comparison of available student evaluation question sets and of systems (can request)

Summary of Validity & Reliability study of the question set (can request)

  • Pilot Blue
  • Council Decision

Pilot timeline and question structure (can request)


Proposed Student Experience of Teaching and Learning Questionnaire

The proposed student experience of teaching and learning questionnaire contains:

  • 6 validated University-wide questions
  • College/School-wide and/or Department-wide questions
  • Instructor-selected questions for instructor’s use and viewing only as part of formative feedback (optional)
  • Context specific questions (where applicable; online, experiential learning course)
  • Two open-ended questions
  • Teaching Assistant questions (where applicable)

 (Note: due to licensing, questions can be presented to faculty and staff in departmental meetings and university meetings but cannot be distributed.)


For questions about the pilot  or to request documents contact:

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