International Student and Study Abroad Centre

The International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC) is dedicated to fostering a welcoming, globally aware and engaged community at the U of S for students, staff and faculty. The centre assists all students—domestic, international or those studying abroad—participate in a unique international educational experience.

Room 80, Place Riel, 1 Campus Drive, University of Saskatchewan
Mon to Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm.


Transition Support

Through ISSAC`s various programs and services , the centre is a place where international students:

  • receive support to transition into student life in Canada or abroad, including immigration information
  • get involved in intercultural events and activities
  • make friends from around the world

International Travel and Study Abroad

ISSAC administers the International Travel Registry and certain travel awards. Through ISSAC`s various programs and services , the centre is a place where students:

  • apply to go on exchange or to take part in summer programs
  • get travel safety support
  • can apply for travel awards

Immigration Advising 

Due to an amendment to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IPRA) regarding consulting and advising on immigration, ISSAC staff are limited in the type of support that can be provided to faculty, staff, and students for immigration matters.

Please refer students to ISSAC for assistance if they are in any of the following situations:

  • Student’s application for a study permit is denied;
  • Student was not issued their study permit at the port of entry;
  • Student’s study permit has expired;
  • Student has been discontinued from / has withdrawn from their academic program;
  • Student has lost their study permit or passport;
  • Student has to take a break from their studies for any reason;
  • Student has an expired health card;
  • Any other situation that you are concerned might adversely affect the student’s immigration status, academic situation or personal well-being.


Leslie Bowditch
International Education Officer

Chantal Hanson
International Education Officer

Jordan Hartshorn
International Education Officer

Mirjana Mandaric
International Education Officer

Eva Shao
Clerical Assistant

Zoe Zhou
International Education Officer