Picture of Stryker Calvez

Stryker Calvez Manager, Indigenous Education Initiatives


Dr. Stryker Calvez is an Indigenous education specialist and researcher who self-identifies as a Michif/Metis man from the Red River and Turtle Mountain territories (now Manitoba and North Dakota). His ancestors are Cree, Mohawk, French, and Scottish.  He is also a husband and father to three beautiful Michif children.

As the Manager of Indigenous Education Initiatives, he works collaboratively to support faculty and staff who are helping to lead the University of Saskatchewan forward in building reconciliation.  Through tailored Indigenous Voices programs, course (re)design workshops, strategic curricular support, one-on-one consultations and presentations, Stryker is working to help build an inclusive and interculturally vibrant campus community while strategically supporting the Indigenization of the institution.  

Stryker has almost 20 years of experience working with and for Indigenous postsecondary programs, national institutes, schools, communities, and leaders.  His focus has been to build stronger and more impactful social programs for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.  This included developing clinical capacity and research support for people living with HIV in Saskatchewan, designing acculturation and cross-cultural training support for immigrant newcomers to Canada, multiple assessments of the Ontario Public Service’s employee diversity and inclusion program, the Ontario Public Health’s child safety social media campaigns, and ten Six Nations of the Grand River health care programs. When he has the time, he supports cultural ceremonies, and he has participated on more than 50 postsecondary and community boards, committees, and associations.


PhD (2014) Sociocultural Applied Psychology, University of Guelph, ON.
MA (2008) Social Applied Psychology, University of Saskatchewan, SK.
BA Honours (2005) Social Psychology, University of British Columbia, BC.