Picture of Shiney C.

Shiney C. Student Recruitment Officer

As an alumnus of the University of Saskatchewan, Shiney been on campus for many years. She came to Saskatoon as an international student and is now a settler on Treaty 6. She was born in New Delhi, India and is very connected with her roots. She considers Saskatoon her second home and, while she left her family behind in India, she has created herself a chosen family in Saskatoon. When she first came to Saskatoon in the Winter of 2014, she knew the winters would be tough. But, the warmth of the people of Saskatoon has kept her here and made her feel welcome.

With a keen interest in people and human behaviour, she chose to study Psychology and graduated with a BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Criminology & Addictions in 2018 from the College of Arts and Science. Throughout her degree, she worked part-time in different departments in the University. Her first two years were spent working in Residence as a Resident Assistant and Senior Resident Assistant. Living in Residence is still one of her most cherished memories and the place where she met most of her Saskatoon (and international) family. She also volunteered her time on campus and in the community, to get the most out of her degree and time in Saskatoon; making new friends and connections along the way.

It was in the Fall of 2017 that Shiney started working as a Student Ambassador in the Student Recruitment office. Her favourite part of the job was giving tours to new and prospective students (sometimes with their families), showing them the campus where she created many memories and her favourite study spots. When she graduated in the Spring of 2018, she joined the Prospective Student Services Office within the Student Recruitment team. She used her existing knowledge of the University of Saskatchewan to help many new and prospective students navigate admission policies, requirements and deadlines. It is with this existing knowledge she started her new role as an Armchair Student Recruitment Officer in early 2020. Within this role, she will play an important part in supporting the strategic enrolment goals of the University and making connections with students as they move from prospective to registered student.