Picture of Nazreen Beaulieu

Nazreen Beaulieu Instructional Designer

Nazreen is a graduate of the Educational Technology and Design (ETAD) M.Ed. program at the University of Saskatchewan and has worked as an instructional designer in several capacities over the years. She began her career on the International School circuit as a teacher, technology coordinator and co-chair of a steering committee that developed curricula and led a measured international-school accreditation process (CIS and NEASC). She later worked as an e-Instructor and course developer for a virtual high school and college that provided distance education courses to Northern Canadian Indigenous communities and homeschoolers. As a graduate student, she worked as a teaching assistant to support faculty in the online delivery of a graduate level research course (ERES 800) and an undergraduate web-based course about e-learning design (ETAD 404). As a research assistant, she worked on a SSHRC funded assignment that explored how older adults use online personal learning networks (oPLNs) to support their self-directed, lifelong learning goals. These experiences have consolidated a passion for eLearning, self-directed learning and blended/networked learning environments that bridge the gap between formal and informal learning. She currently works at the GMCTL as an Instructional Designer.