Picture of Ally C.

Ally C. Student Recruitment Officer

Valentina Chertez is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic student recruitment professional with an extensive background at the University of Saskatchewan. Born in Oradea, Romania, Valentina was raised in both Romania and Canada, enabling her to bring first-hand experience with cultural differences, into her studies and work.  Environmental studies quickly captured and strongly held Valentina’s interest during her post-secondary studies, completing a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment and Society as most outstanding graduate in the program, and a Certificate of Proficiency in Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan. 

As a student, Valentina further developed strong connections to the University of Saskatchewan, working in various roles within the Teaching, Learning and Student Experience unit. In 2014 Valentina began her employment with the University of Saskatchewan, as a Student Ambassador with the Recruitment and Admissions office. Within a short period, Valentina also became a Student Assistant with the Teaching Learning and Student Experience’s Student Central unit, position which she held until transferring into the role of Student Recruitment Officer in August of 2017. Valentina brings extensive knowledge to her current position as Student Recruitment Officer, having also worked in the Prospective Student Services Office at the University of Saskatchewan. Her work with various marketing activities and appearances in promotion campaigns such as donor relations, environmental programs, and campus showcase videos, further outline Valentina’s involvement with, and knowledge of the University of Saskatchewan. 

As a member of the Student Recruitment team, Valentina plays a key role in strategic enrolment management at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing her recruitment efforts within Saskatchewan as her recruitment territory, addressing University of Saskatchewan programs, admissions procedures, and campus life inquiries.