Students of Concern Advisory Team (SOCAT)

3rd Floor, Place Riel, University of Saskatchewan


The Students of Concern Advisory Team is a campus wide multidisciplinary team of student service professionals from across campus. The team is committed to the safety and wellbeing of students and the wider university campus community. The team is a resource to the campus community through consultation and support. Additionally, the team provides an objective, supportive, collaborative, and coordinated response to the identification, assessment, intervention, and management of situations involving a student where the student’s safety and/or wellbeing may be at risk and have an impact on the broader campus community.

SOCAT Membership

  • Coordinator / Co-Chair: Manager, Student Affairs and Outreach
  • Chair: Director, Student Affairs and Services
  • Protective Services
  • Residence Services
  • Student Wellness Centre
  • Access and Equity Services
  • Student Central

Ad hoc members are invited dependent on the level of concern and intervention required. Ad hoc members may include staff members from: the International Student and Study Abroad Centre, Aboriginal Student Centre, Human Resources, and Faith Leaders. Representatives from the College may also be asked to participate.

When to contact SOCAT

  • Behaviours that create a disruptive or hostile environment
  • Violent behaviours including threats of violence towards others
  • Behaviours or actions that potentially endanger the safety of a member of the campus community
  • Critical incidents which impact the broader campus community

If you are concerned about a student for the following reasons, please contact the Student Affairs and Outreach team at (306) 966-5757 who are equipped to assist you and the student of concern

  • If you are concerned about a student who has had a significant change in appearance, mood, and/or social functioning
  • A student’s behaviour impacts one’s ability to function appropriately and successfully on campus
  • If a student is experiencing suicidal ideation or you believe them to be a threat to themselves
  • You believe a student is struggling and needing additional support.

How to refer

Referrals to SOCAT are managed through the Student Affairs and Outreach team. Contact the Manager by telephone (306) 966-5757 or via email at or

Faculty, staff and students can report worrisome behaviours (disruptive, problematic, or concerning) by email, telephone, or in person to the Manager, Student Affairs and Outreach team or designate. Upon receipt of a referral, the Manager will assess the situation and determine if the situation requires a SOCAT consultation and/or intervention. 

Some situations can be managed within the Student Affairs and Outreach team and/or other support services on campus. 

SOCAT and Confidentially

The Students of Concern Advisory Team (SOCAT) will take reasonable steps to maintain the privacy of those who make a referral to SOCAT, if requested. If the circumstances do not allow privacy to be maintained, this will be discussed with the person making the referral.

All members are required to sign a conficentiality agreement.

Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)


A collaborative, data driven, multidisciplinary approach and response to assessing and responding to violence potential.

Each member of the Students of Concern Advisory Team (SOCAT) are trained in level I and II by the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma response.

For questions about the VTRA process, please contact Tracy Spencer, Manager, Student Affairs and Outreach


Tracy Spencer
Manager, Student Affairs and Outreach