The Teaching, Learning and Student Experience (TLSE) portfolio covers a tremendous range of activities and functions involving teaching, learning and students at all levels of study. In our university community, everyone is a learner and a teacher. The role enhances the work of the provost and vice-president, academic and their office in the areas of teaching, learning and student experience.

It is our core purpose to lead, support and celebrate the student learning and development cycle.

Students are at the centre of our work

Our activities are interconnected and the services of one unit often intersect with and build on that of others. We are both leaders and supporters. We work at multiple levels of governance and operation across the institution to meet the varied needs of our students and those serving students. With a focus on building trust, collaboration and connection, we work with students, colleges, academic instructors, staff and communities, big and small, to realize our passion and purpose.

We seek and achieve diversity

We are driven by the desire to offer a university experience where people can learn, create and grow in the context of diversity. This calls us to seek and achieve diversity in our people, our academic programs, our ways of knowing and working, and our services.

  • We champion and promote the success of our students by recognizing the mind, body and life aspects of wellness and by acknowledging the unique desires, pursuits, and pathways of our learners. We strive to offer consistent, creative and sustainable services that are responsive to current students and anticipate the needs of future students.
  • We create environments that empower and challenge staff to offer the highest levels of expertise and service with compassion, integrity and professionalism and to recognize the value of their many contributions.
  • We encourage and support our academic instructors in the continuous development of enhanced teaching practices leading to deep and meaningful learning experiences.
  • We shape and carry out the vision, mission, values, and strategic commitments of the university and connect with communities to seek guidance and to follow mutual goals.


Leadership team

Patti McDougall
Vice-Provost, Teaching, Learning and Student Experience

Peter Hedley
Director of Student Affairs and Services

Alison Pickrell
Assistant Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management

Cheri Spooner
Director of the Distance Education Unit

Nancy Turner
Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement

Office of the Vice-Provost Teaching, Learning and Student Experience

Danette Stang
Executive Assistant to the Vice-Provost, Teaching, Learning and Student Experience