Students Affairs Case Management

About our team

The Students of Concern Advisory Team is a multidisciplinary team which meets on a regular basis to review, assess and help to facilitate a coordinated response when the student’s behaviour is cause for concern and may lead to a negative outcome for the student and/or other members of the university community.

Mission: to provide and institute a proactive, collaborative, campus-wide approach for responding to critical incidents and students of concern by working closely with academic units, administrative units, support units, student groups and other key stakeholders to promote academic success and the health and safety of the university community.

Team Membership

  • Student Affairs Case Manager (Chair & Coordinator) - Tracy Spencer 
  • Protective Services
  • Residence, Student Life
  • Student Counselling
  • Disability Services for Students
  • Student Health
  • Student Central
  • International Students and Study Abroad Centre
  • Ad Hoc members are invited dependent on the level of concern and intervention. Ad Hoc members may include AVP, Student Affairs; Associate Deans, Chaplains; Campus Recreation; and Human Resources

Concerned about a student?

How to Submit a Referral

Notifying the SOCAT may prevent a student from falling through the cracks. SOCAT may help to piece together a cluster of troubling behaviours which may indicate a a more serious problem.

To make a referral or discuss a possible referral to the Students of Concern Advisory team (SOCAT) please contact the Student Affairs Case Manager at or 306-966-5757.

After a SOCAT Referral is Made?

Upon receipt of a referral, the Student Affairs Case Manager will gather information about the student’s situation from a variety of campus resources and determine if the situation requires a SOCAT intervention or if the situation can be managed by another referral. If the situation is presented to the SOCAT, the team will review all the information, assess the situation, and pending on the assessment may determine a course of action which may include;

  • Continue to monitor the situation, but no immediate action is required
  • Develop a coordinated response plan which may include interventions, referrals and follow up.
  • The Student Affairs Case Manager or other stakeholder may engage the student of concern to assess any resources needed and collaboratively develop an action plan with the student to reduce obstacles for their success.
  • A recommendation may be suggested to submit a complaint through the Standard of Student Conduct in Non-Academic Matters

The individual who makes a referral to SOCAT may receive contact and follow up from the Student Affairs Case Manager or another team member. Depending upon the circumstances, the referring person may not receive specific information about the action plan with the student.

SOCAT and Confidentially

The Students of Concern Advisory Team (SOCAT) will take reasonable steps to maintain the privacy of those who make a referral to SOCAT, if requested. If the circumstances don’t allow privacy to be maintained, this will be discussed with the person making the referral

Student Affairs Case Manager

The Student Affairs Case Manager typically becomes involved in critical incidents involving students and difficult student situations with at risk student populations.

The Student Affairs Case Manager provides a coordinated response to students in crisis. This may include connecting with a student and developing an action plan that is geared toward providing the student with a road map through the struggles they are facing. This typically includes linkages, referrals, problem solving, campus navigation and care coordination. There are times the Student Affairs Case Manager may not connect directly with the student, rather assistance is provided by coordinating an action plan with the supports that may already be involved with a student.

Is Case Management Confidential?

Case Management is not therapy or counselling so the rules of confidentiality that might apply to medical or mental health treatment don’t apply. With the exception of a crisis situation, the Student Affairs Case Manager shares information about student behavior on a need-to-know basis. In order to coordinate care, enough information about the student and their needs is shared with other offices or agencies to access the specific services or assistance needed.

If a written release is signed by the student, the Student Affairs Case Manager can share additional information. When a student has been referred to the Student Affairs Case Manager through the SOCAT process, the Student Affairs Case Manager will continue to inform the SOCAT of any progress.


Tracy Spencer
Student Affairs Case Manager