Student Recruitment

Coordinates and delivers outreach activities, events and communications to recruit prospective students to the University of Saskatchewan in support of the university’s strategic enrolment goals.

105 Administration Place

Through outreach activities, major events, marketing and communications and other initiatives, Student Recruitment attracts prospective students by providing them with information about colleges, programs, services and opportunities available at the University of Saskatchewan.

Key accountabilities of the Student Recruitment team include:

  • Acting as university brand ambassadors to prospective students and key supporters, including school counsellors, parents, education agents and government and community organizations
  • Organizing and executing outreach activities, including high school visits, local and international education fairs, government-sponsored tours and post-secondary institution visits
  • Coordinating and hosting campus tours and major on-campus events for prospective and new students, including Open House, U-Start and Orientation
  • Involvement in student recruitment organizations, such as SUTIL, CUE, NACAC, EduCanada, OACAC and CIS
  • Executing strategic marketing and communications initiatives throughout the recruitment, admissions and conversion/orientation cycle, including the distribution of major recruitment publications, online/print advertising and email/mailed communications to prospective students and key supporters
  • Collaborating with colleges and units, advising on recruitment opportunities and serving as student recruitment resource on campus


Rachel B.
Prospective Student Services

Sarah B.
Events Officer

Jillian C.
Prospective Student Services

Terice C.
Student Recruitment Officer

Danny Freire
Manager, Student Recruitment

Eriko M.
Student Recruitment Officer

Vanessa M.
Prospective Student Services

Angela R.
Prospective Student Services Coordinator

Jolyn S.
Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Kathi S.
Student Recruitment Officer

Kayla S.
Prospective Student Services

Shanna S.
Prospective Student Services

Jennifer W.
Prospective Student Services

Kevin Z.
Prospective Student Services