Distance Education Unit

Works with colleges to develop and deliver distance and online classes.

464 Williams Bldg., 221 Cumberland Ave. North


The Distance Education Unit (DEU) works with faculty and staff to develop and deliver distance classes for the University of Saskatchewan. These include classes that are offered online and through independent study, as well as those delivered through live stream and face-to-face lectures at off-campus sites throughout the province. The DEU also manages the University of Saskatchewan Prince Albert off-campus program. 


Cheryl Bell
Program Assistant, Online and SPEC

JR Dingwall
Instructional Designer

Jordan Epp
Instructional Designer

Dean Evans
Program Assistant, Examinations and Course Materials

Sharon Greenough
Program Assistant, CERTESL, PHC

Diana Hebig
Program Assistant, CERTESL, PHC, Independent Studies

Jane Jickling
Program Assistant, Reception and Assignments

Cindy Klassen
Instructional Design Assistant

Cindy Koob
Program Assistant, Prince Alberg Off-Campus Program

Robb Larmer
Coordinator, Instructional Technologies

Julie Maier
Instructional Designer

Rita Matlock
Coordinator, DEU Writing Centre

Rob Procyk
Manager, Prince Albert Off-Campus Program

Bev Shober
Instructional Design Assistant

Cheri Spooner
Director of the Distance Education Unit

Shannon Storey
Academic Coordinator, CERTESL

Patti Wu
Program Assistant, Off-Campus and Contract Programs