Access and Equity Services

Access and Equity Services, formerly Disability Services for Students (DSS), is guided by Saskatchewan's Human Rights legislation and the duty to accommodate individuals requiring accommodations based on disability, religion, family status and gender identity.

E1 Administration Bldg. University of Saskatchewan


Access and Equity Services assists students by offering programs and advocacy services—fostering an accessible and welcoming campus.

Services include:

  • Letters to professors - Assists with arranging exam or academic accommodations with professors.
  • Notetaking - The program assists students who have difficulty taking notes.
  • Exam Accommodations - Assists with exam accommodations
  • Alternate Format Textbooks - Assists students with print disabilities to obtain e-texts
  • Classroom Changes - Arranges changes for students with accessibility issues.
  • Advocacy and Mediation - Represents students with disabilities in negotiation with the University, colleges and professors.
  • Library Assistance - Supports people with physical disabilities who have difficulty retrieving books or documents from the library.
  • Assistive Technology - Provide students with disabilities access to a variety of enhanced technology needed to achieve academic success.

Academic Accommodations

We are guided by the University of Saskatchewan's Academic Accommodation and Access for Students with Disabilities policy. This policy is based on Saskatchewan's Human Rights legislation and the duty to accommodate individuals with disabilities. The main purpose of this policy is “To foster diversity, inclusiveness, and student success by providing that students with disabilities are not discriminated against; and that they receive equal opportunities for academic success and personal development at the University of Saskatchewan.”