The Fee Review Committee (FRC), established in 2014 by the Provost’s Council on Integrated Planning (PCIP), is to oversee the administrative process of reviewing and recommending for approval to PCIP the following fees

  • community level class fees
  • compulsory academic fees
  • supplemental fees
  • service fees
  • third party fees

The purpose is to establish the viability, and the continued use of these fees being assessed against students at the University of Saskatchewan.

Submission Guidelines


Fees are approved annually by PCIP. For the 2017-18 academic year, student fees will be considered in December 2016.

We request that colleges and schools observe the deadline for existing student fee change requests of November 25, 2016. Please note all materials are due two to three days prior to the Fees Review Committee.


  • Please print and fill out the submission form
  • Have the submission form signed by your college dean
  • Scan and send the submission form back to: feecommittee@usask.ca
  • Each fee request should be supported with the budget and general background information as required.

Please submit your submission form along with your budget calculation spreadsheet to:

Fee Review Committee
c/o IPA
2nd floor Admin Building

If you have any questions, please email: feecommittee@usask.ca